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In an era where chaos and disease dominate, a generation of free thinkers rises. Just like a mouse in a Y maze decides what to do according to its mental and physical state, humankind is split in two depending on established protocols: the hypnotised souls, blindly following the latest trend by choosing predetermined paths dictated by someone else, ends up trapped; instead, the wise ones find their way out by breaking all conventions, guided by their own Enlightenment. This is MăzēyTrap.

The Concept

Concept song BLACK DIAMOND was written during the lockdown with the purpose to open people's mind and heart in order to give more awareness about what we have been experiencing. Black Diamond represents people's courage and strength to face the pandemic with a new consciousness to create a brighter future.

Single Black Diamond

“I feel like a BLACK DIAMOND”: I feel unique, priceless, and invincible. BLACK DIAMOND is a concept song symbolising strength, incorruptibility, and uniqueness in diversity. The word "diamond" comes from the Greek "adamas" meaning invincible. In Latin, the word ădămantēus also means as hard as a diamond/steel, therefore incorruptible. Diamonds were called "the Kings of Gems" and "the Crystals of Light". They are a symbol of the alchemical path of awakening and transmutation that the soul of man must make to join the Divine. Their composition makes them particularly hard and difficult to cut. Natural black diamonds are the purest and rarest form of diamonds. The name they are known by is carbonado, but the origin and formation of the stones are still shrouded in mystery. The latest studies seem to have ruled out formation on Earth, speaking instead of conditions that are created during a supernova explosion. Black diamonds could come from space, fallen together with meteorites: a very fascinating exploration that would explain some characteristics but of which there is still no absolute certainty. The colour black has been associated with night and mystery since ancient times. The black diamond has always approached the dark territory of the human soul, as a sort of spiritual third eye.

About '°7

'°7 is a spiritual number. In ancient times 3 + 4 were considered respectively as the symbols of male n female. Their addition represents a whole. It owns the property of consciousness in my dreams... it is illusory n contains the veils that must B uncovered 2 reach the final Enlightenment...


SEVN a.k.a. MAZEYTRAP: Singer−Gho$twriter, 

Multinstr. Ωusic ₱r✇ducer, ℂomposer, ₳rranger, ℬeat₥aker , ∆∇∆rtist, Dru₥₥er, Soun) )esigner, ♫Res., In∵en⊤ør, Mind...

Lorenzo Sevn Altieri embarked on his professional career as the drummer for international pop singer ALEXIA and toured across the globe between 2004 and 2009. Recently he has been producing music and working with many different musical styles including Pop as Song-writer, Electronic Music (Music Production) and Avant-Garde by becoming a Sound Designer and Composer for Contemporary Art Events. One of his soundtracks "Kátharsis" was selected at the Architecture Biennale of Venice for the collateral event Immaterial Spaces (Venice 2010). He also took part in various events between 2001 and 2012 at PaRDeS, Laboratory of Contemporary Art Research (Venice) and collaborated with the NYBA, New York Biennale (New York, 2012) as an Audio-Visual Artist. He is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and is always in search of new frontiers…

Artist Statement

In the beginning God created 7's. After 7 days, the world was complete. The Pythagoreans considered it as the number of cyclic perfection, geometrically associated with the circle. The number seven also deals with magical forces, with mystery and the focused search for esoteric meanings. It is furthermore related to the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. My entire artistic career is based on a deeper meaning of number seven, intended to be the guideline that permits the spread of positive messages through new visual music. It owns the property of consciousness in my dreams, it is illusory and contains the veils that must be uncovered to reach the final Enlightenment...”. I conduct my loyalty to it and art, as the greatest vehicles to awake people, to generate new questions, bring the systems we are living in into question or simply open new discussions on life. The music in my works is very zen and almost stripped down to the backbone to underline this. As a dreamer, an intellectual exploration of the obscure starts at the very beginning of each work, meaning the majority of my visual works are black. This is both represented in the dark sounds that I produce and “design” and in the related paintings or sculpture that I usually create in parallel. New instruments may be created: sometimes they might become sounding-sculptures. As a seeker, thinker and researcher of truth, I know that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions. So my work invokes deceptive sounds with different origins. They are both instrumental and real, in order to evoke images in the audience's minds by generating inner conflicts. Everything stems from the environment and can be seen as a sound container which enables us to share the artist's vision of a dream space. We therefore attempt to gain a deeper understanding and a more meaningful knowledge   o f    t h e    U * N * I * '  ° 7 * E * R * S * E ."

B-Side A Maze U

The marvel of the Universe through the power of Creation. When everything seems to be confusing, orbiting sounds become your guide in the exploration of the unknown. You will then gradually start to understand that everything is linked together and that everything happens for a reason, the same way atoms, planets, galaxies, and parallel worlds are connected. If you understand the secrets of the Universe, you will become the Creator.


- Concept Album MULTIVERSE Release. March 7th, 2024.

- Live with KINVARA and Nigel Jenkins (Gerry Rafferty) at Camden Club, 25th October, 2023.

- King Charles' Coronation Party in Chelsea (drums), May 7th, 2023.


- BLACK DIAMOND Official Music Video released June 21st, 2021.


- Single BLACK DIAMOND with b-side A MAZE U available @ all Digital Stores on May 4th, 2021.

- Currently concentrating mainly on working developing artists music as Ghost-writer since 2015.


- Single WITH U (in honour of The Artist, Prince Rogers Nelson) out on June 7th, 2018.


- Single STARS (We Are All Made Of) available @ all Digital Stores on September 7th, 2016.


- Single FUNKY SEXY LOVE LINES published on June 7th, 2015. Available @ all Digital Stores.


- SOUNDJTRAZZ. Album Release on Spotify and DEEZER. February 1st, 2015.


- Winner at M. E. I., Meeting delle Etichette Indipendenti:

  Tiziano Motti Contest "La Verità".


- Orchestral Sound Design for Daniele Gottardo's  album "Non  Temperato" (2013).




- Soundtrack+Video “Kelim Enlightenment” for the event  “Progetto Arca”, (Venice, 2013).


- PAiSTE Portait Project with Melek Bayoudh(2012).


 - Sound Design Album "PAiSTe Concerto: a Film Suite for Cymbals" (2012).


- Soundtrack “(f)E=(f)m*(f)c2” for the exhibit “Relativity” Venice, 2012).


- End And Over Concerto for the NYBA

(New york, 2012-2013).


 - Soundtrack "N.O.V.V.O.N. (Nature of Violence-Violence of Nature)" + Steel and Broken Glasses Globe for the event  Adamà at PaRDeS,Laboratorio di Ricerca D'Arte  Contemporanea (Venice, 2011).


- Song "My Fantasy" for the Congresso Trentennale COSMAST (Ferrara, 2011).


  - Soundtrack "Kátharsis" at the Architecture Biennale of    Venice for the collateral event Immaterial Spaces (Venice, 2010).


- Video Installation "Chinoise Domino" with Paola Volpato at    Caffè Fandango, (Rome, 2009).


 - Soundtrack ”34 mins of inner conflict”

for the event “L’ anima del suono” at PaRDeS,

Laboratorio di Ricerca D' Arte Contemporanea

(Venice, Summer 2009).


     - Interview with Gia'na Garel on

    RADIO Air America Radio (2008).


- Electro Album "SEVN" (2007).


- Alexia World Tour (2004-2009).


   - Duet (Piano preparato+DJ set) with

Johannes S. Sistermann (Padova, 2000).


" 1 8553 3125 1 23132 4114754 "


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