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 Orchestral Sound Design 

SEVN sound design consists in very innovative way of making sounds by creating Custom Built Instruments (by courtesy of PAiSTe Cymbals) and by mixing them in a new creative method: Audio-Visual Sound Design for Cymbals.

FX are the result of a vertical and orizzontal study of frequencies in order to create perfect patterns suitable for the actual classical orchestrations typycal of the score compositions used for movies or videogames.

The majority of the stems may be used singularly for horror and action movies as their taste is basically terrifying and thrilling: a real adrenalin-sounding  rush.

When they are employed as the result of a bounce the become real evolving atmospheres, good to be used as very descriptive sounds, we might say "seeing sounds", perfect to underlince the climax/anticlimax of movies'scenes.

In "PAiSTe Concerto: a Film Suite for Cymbals" the application and the implementation of these techniques is even more intense so that effective orchestrations may be obtained. In this case we talk about a full sound design album, as if the different tesions created were describing the evolution of a story, just like if we were watching a film in our mind. It is audio-visual sound design infact.

Here we can pass from very screetching, harsh, strident noises to incredibly even softer and milder, suggestive harmonies and melodies.

They might appear like bone or spare but they might also melt into liquid flows or whispering sharp streaming.

A real orchestra might be heard: a full percussion section of course as the employed material is percussive and a huge range of effects emulating intruments from strings to winds.

To enjoy all these magic vibes, suggestive harmonies and persistent rhythms all you have to do is nothing but listen and watch. Just close your eyes. a new trip is gonna start.


SEVN and PAiSTe Cymbals

SEVN endorsement with PAiSTe 


SEVN'PAiSTe Cymbals and Sound Design Custom Built Instruments








Sound Design Setups


“Double Crash” for wire brash and tongs

“Double Crash” for mallets, springs and chains

“Double Specular China” for bows and mallets

“Timpano Crashes” for rubber mallets and percussion mallets

“Percussion Cymbals” for drumsticks and brushes

Lisa Simpson Circular Saw Hairstyle” Cymbal

Jam Block” Cymbal

“Cowbell” Cymbal

“Flower Structure” for bows

“Double Specular Bass Drum” for double pedal

“Suspended Column” for rutes

“Multi hi-hat”

“Noise Splash”

“Vertebral Time Column” for Bow Solos

Main Setup


4″ Exotic / Percussion Bell (modified) custom

17″ Signature Fast Crash

14″ Signature Sound edge Hi-Hat8″ Signature Splash

15″ Signature Heavy China (modified) custom

20″ Signature Dry heavy Ride

6″ Exotic / Percussion Bell Custom

18″ Signature Fast Crash

SEVN | PAiSTe Cymbals Signature + DW

SEVN with International PAiSTe Artists Relations Manager and Product Specialist

Christian Wenzel

Sound Design Engine Room

(f)E=(f)m • (f)c2 _ A Music Mass-Energy Equivalence .

My music theory combines Albert Einstein + Roman Jakobson studies 2 explain the Power of Music. I personally re-interpereted the Musical Language, which is a mathematical one, in light of both the Relativistic Formula and of a linguistic analysis based on Roman Jakobson's Communication Theory.




(f)E=Emotive function (addresser) : kinetic energy of the mood 

(f)m=metalinguistic function (code) : mass of elements defining the musical code 

(f)c2=conative function (addressee)2 : persuasive velocity2


Relativistic music mass increases with the persuasive velocity. 


SEVN' PAiSTe  Portrait  with: Photographer Melek Bayoudh

Kelim Enlightenment

(End and Over Concerto)

SEVN Custom Built Intrument "Vertebral Time Colum"

KELIM ENLIGHTENMENT: "Know that, before the emanations were issued and the creatures were created, the simple Superior Light filled the whole existence. There was no free place, neither air nor empty space, but everything was full of that simple infinite Light. There was no distinction, neither a beginning nor an end, but everything was a single simple Light, equal to a single equality and it is the one that is called Or-Ein Sof. The vacuum of air and space generated by self-limitation of Ein Sof was surrounded by ten circles called "pots" (kelim) that identified with the ten Sefirot, corresponding in this case to the various levels of reality present in the Creation, but the Superior Light not abandoning completely empty space. In the 16th Century, Rabbi Issac Luria wrote: 'And then arose from the Light of Ein Sof a single line from top to bottom, which is held down inside that space [empty]. And through that line reworked, created, formed and did all the World' 

Today, science has discovered how to turn light into matter and vice versa: according to modern theory, the universe might have formed from particles of light called photons. The line of light across all ten "containers" (as described by the sound) surrounded the void, but some of them could not contain it, so they broke (as the broken cymbals that assemble the sounding sculpture I created to play the music) by causing the so-called haKelim Shevirat, a cosmic catastrophe that caused the onset of Chaos in the Universe. The KELIM ENLIGHTENMENT (End And Over Concerto) is the last track of PAiSTe Concerto. It turns around the meaning of creation from the concept of a vacuum, metaphorically present even in death, as a moment that generates new life. If art is life, it can also die to create a new artistic cycle. Only after the acceptance of the void as an indispensable element of creation, and death as a necessary outcome of all, life can continue into the future. This way the artist becomes a sort of spiritual warrior, in order to re-establish the consciousness of the world. The artist knows well how to use what is apparently useless or unusable, to rediscover emptiness as something essential for creation and the acquisition of knowledge of being. All the materials employed had already been used previously. They were destined to become trash. This way, an object that was supposed to never be used again, was given a new "life". 

Kelim Enlightenment 

2 reach the Final Enlightenment...



Kelim Enlightenment Proposal

The purpose of this was to help people develop a criticality about the environment, to create new and eco-sensitive systems and to help people to re-invent themselves while fighting the economic crisis. We have already spent too much time destroying models, ideals and ideas. But where has this taken us in the meantime? Can we at least recognize it? 

It is right to hit rock-bottom at times to re-discover life's darkest side, as long as it is useful in order to rise back to the surface again and as long as it strengthens us enough to potentially touch the sky. From our annullment we can re-discover fullness, in a new and exclusive way in order to rise again everyday and re-build and determine ourselves positively. This should be art's message nowadays. Art can either prove or neglect concepts, but it cannot deny man's position at the center of the universe. Once nichilism has been understood, one grows towards new experiences in order to melt them with the previous ones or to compare them, but always going forward by growing up and improving. What we probably need is a new Humanism, new artists that re-evaluate space, time, things and thoughts. Above all, we need to give strength and courage to the world. Almost a new belief... This is what it means to be truly transgressive nowadays. May it lead to a spiritual rebirth? "Art in the Virtue of its Void..."    '°7


(N.ature O.f V.iolence /

V.iolence O.f N.ature).

The year 2011 was declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations to raise awareness and strengthen the sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests for the benefit of current and future generations. I was asked 2 create something to make people aware of this through contemporary art events... Please remember: we are part of nature and when with ill use it we just ill use ourselves... Just a reflection...


A speakin' Volume Ball... Peace '°7







Sleeping in my PAiSTe Bed: a rebirth...

Video Art

Other Visual Works

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